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Evaluating Your Airport Parking Options In Melbourne

If you have a trip coming up, and you have to fly out of Melbourne, one of the things that you have to figure out is how you will get to the airport. If no one can drop you off, you will have to park your car at a parking facility and leave it there until you come back. Choosing the right parking facility is a major decision because you will be trusting someone else to take care of your valuable car when you are gone. There are many parking facilities in Melbourne. What are your options, and how would you evaluate so you end up with a good service? If you are trying to decide on the best car park options based in price, a good choice is near the airport on Melrose drive. It is only a few minutes from the terminal and it is one of the cheapest melbourne airport parking facilities in tullamarine.

The biggest concern should be the security of your car. A parking service usually offers you the option of indoor or outdoor parking, or shaded versus non-shaded parking. These options will vary in price range. Indoor parking may offer you higher security because it is behind a gated entry. You should consider what is important to you and see if the extra cost is worth parking your car indoors. Whichever area you choose, the whole parking facility should be securely monitored by video surveillance. Any potential thief would be deterred if he knows that he is being watched by security. There should be a security patrol doing the rounds on a routine basis to further establish their presence in order to deter criminal activity. The area should be patrolled 24/7.

Some places offer you options in your car maintenance. This is a great time to get your car washed and detailed if you have not gotten your car cleaned in a while. Would it not be nice to come back to see a shiny, clean car waiting for you? For an extra fee, some parking services will offer that option to you.

The parking service should offer you a range of options in rates. If you will be away for more than a week, make sure that you ask about their weekly rates. This is often less expensive than paying a daily rate for seven days.

See if the parking service offers valet parking. When you are rushing to catch a flight, you do not have time to drive around the lot and look for a space. It would be great if you can just give your keys to one of the staff who will carefully park the car for you. You can just go straight to the shuttle and be on your way to the airport terminal. Nothing can be more convenient than that.

Also, consider the distance of the parking facility to the airport terminal. The farther it is, the longer it will take the shuttle to get you there. You can see why it is an advantage to find a high quality facility that is very close to the airport terminal, too.

As you are evaluating your airport parking options in Melbourne, keep these tips in mind. Start planning early to give yourself the best choices.